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In Need Of An Emergency Dentist?

At Robina Quays Dental Care, we are used to dental emergencies and our team can help.

Our dental team will always do their best to find you an emergency appointment.

Please remember these key rules regarding dental emergencies:

Stay calm. The patient has had a fright – it is vital that you stay composed (assuming you are not the patient).

Locate the tooth and check there is no obvious damage to the root.

The patient should lick the tooth clean (providing there is not too much trauma and blood).

Alternatively wash the tooth in plain milk or salt water.

If the tooth is a primary tooth (i.e. a child’s ‘baby’ tooth)

DO NOT try to replace the tooth into the gum, as the pressure applied could damage the secondary tooth in the gum waiting to erupt.

Leave the tooth in the plain milk or salt water to transport to the dentist.

If plain milk or salt water is not available, as a last resort place the tooth in plastic wrap, a wet towel or water.

A secondary tooth should be replanted into the gum socket if at all possible.

Hold the tooth in place either using finger pressure or by biting on a handkerchief.

If it is too difficult to replant the tooth ask the patient to keep it under their tongue or inside their cheek.

If this is not possible, place the tooth in plain milk or salt water.

If none of these options are possible, a last resort is to place the tooth in plastic wrap, a wet towel or water.

If the tooth has been fractured off rather than completely knocked out, try and find the fractured piece.

Often this can be re-bonded. Place the piece in salt water or plain milk.

Alternatively place the piece in tap water.

Bring the patient and the tooth to our dental clinic as soon as possible.

If possible within one hour of the trauma.

Our emergency clinic is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm

Call us as soon as possible on 07 5648 0776

Out of these hours please contact the Robina Hospital in case of trauma or facial swelling.

Emergency Dental Treatment available at Robina Quays Dental Care

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