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We are a Gold Coast family based dental practice. Our story begins with our principal and lead dental surgeon Dr Mark Taylor, 

Originally from England and based on the Gold Coast, Dr Taylor is a highly qualified and experienced surgeon who has been providing the full range of General Dental services as well as advanced cosmetic and dental implant restorations and treatments in England and the Gold Coast for over 25 years.

His special interest is placing and restoring dental implants. 

We are centrally located in Robina on the Gold Coast. 

Taylor Dental Implants & Aesthetics is housed within Robina Quays Dental Care premises.  

Dr Mark Taylor - Dentist Robina Quays Dental Care
Dr Mark Taylor

About Dr Mark Taylor

Dr Taylor was among the first ten dentists in Australia to undertake the pioneering Clinical Dental Implant Masters programme at Griffith University’s School of Oral Health on the Gold coast.

It covered both the surgical and restorative aspects of implant treatments. He successfully gained the registrable qualification, Masters in Clinical Dental Implants after completing the two year Masters program.

Dr Mark Taylor first qualified as a dentist in 1990 at the prestigious Royal London Medical and Dental Hospital in the University of London, U.K. The next year in 1991 he gained the ” Vocational Training Award” at the Charring Cross Hospital postgraduate centre, London, U.K.

mark's background

In 1997,  Dr Taylor and his wife moved to Australia and settled on the Gold Coast. He established himself and became a principal at a prestigious Southport practice.  He was based there for about 17 years during which time he sold up to a corporate group. Dr Taylor has now chosen to work independently which gives him the freedom to provide his patients with the highest quality of care and treatment.

As such we moved to Robina Quays where Dr Taylor and his wife personally helped design a beautiful state-of-the-art 3 surgery practice with leading dental technology.

Our practice also houses a world first dental software in our Vatech X-ray machine.

We provide the full range of general dental and dental implant treatments. We welcome your family and you at our brand new dental practice!

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Dr Sarah zhao - Dentist

Dr Sarah Zhao grew up on the Gold Coast before pursuing her dental studies at the University of Queensland.

She graduated with first class honours, and currently has over 10 special awards (just about all of them it seems!), including the prestigious University Medal for Dentistry.

Coupled with her demonstrated ability for excellence, Dr Sarah has also gained a reputation for being one of the most caring and gentle dentists around over her years of working on the Coast.

Dr Sarah’s calm, empathetic and caring approach is appreciated by all her patients, especially children, and the dentally anxious.  

She enjoys all aspects of general dentistry but finds it particularly rewarding to see children and their families grow up, working through dental anxieties  to achieve a healthy mouth, and has a particular flair for minimally invasive cosmetic cases including composite and porcelain veneers.

Last year, Sarah and her husband (also a dentist!) achieved one of life’s greatest milestones as they welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Sarah loves to keep her (very small) hands busy- she enjoys playing the piano, painting, sewing, origami and all things artistic!

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Dr Sarah Zhao - Dentist Robina Quays Dental Care
Dr Sarah Zhao
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