The latest dental technology in our state of the art clinic

Included in our in-house dental technologies, is the latest Cone Beam CT 3-D X-ray machine which is at the cutting edge in providing ultra low X-ray dose.

This is to ensure your safety and at the same time facilitate our dentists with finer details of information for your optimal treatment planning

Vatech Green CT machine

Our latest in-house Vatech machine reduces your time spend obtaining a CT scan.

Most importantly, Green CT is an advanced 4-in-1 digital X-ray imaging system that incorporates multiple imaging systems to provide high resolution images with much lower radiation. 

How Safe is Green CT?

This truly revolutionary imaging machine today has changed the game as it minimises unnecessary radiation dosage to our patients 

Kid friendly scan

Fast scanning features is another contributing factor to increasing efficiency and reducing radiation dosages

Minimal time spend

We provide great patient care by providing you with leading edge solutions. Compared to conventional systems our technology helps you reduce your time spend in the chair without compromising your treatments

Knowledge is power

The extra layers of information afforded by our Insight PAN enables dentists to accurately diagnose your dental issues and optimise your treatments

Fast Scan Innovation

Imagine seeing an image from one dimension and the time it takes to see multiple layers of images

Time is of essence

The imaging combined by our Vatech fast tracks the imaging process by 4 times the conventional Cone Beam machines 

Latest in dental chairs

We optimise your comfort by providing you with one of the latest in dental chair technologies. Some treatments, especially surgical procedures, can be long but they don’t need to compromise your comfort. Our Adec 500 series continental chairs are ergonomically designed to provide whole body support for optimal patient comfort while giving our dentists maximum access to the patients’ oral cavities 

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