What is Invisalign; Is it an affordable way to align your teeth?

  • They’re simple, clear aligner braces that help straighten your teeth.
  • Compared to traditional braces, the treatment can be faster and more comfortable.
  • You don’t need to feel embarrassed as a key benefit to Invisalign® aligners is that they are quite invisible!
  • You can relax and carry on with your day as usual and let the Invisalign aligners do your teeth alignment for you.
  • Simply remove your trays when you eat or drink.
  • In Australia, the cost can range from $3000-$8000 depending on the complexity of your case.
  • Patients don’t need to worry about affordability with Robina Quays Dental Care’s payment options and value for money Invisalign treatments.

Please note we are not able to advise how much your Invisalign treatment will cost until after your consultation with us. You will then be provided with a treatment plan detailing costing breakdowns according to the stages of your customized treatment.


With Robina Quays Dental Care,Invisalign is a cost-effective option for you to improve your smile. Let’s discuss what Invisalign is, its benefits and how you can afford Invisalign full treatment costs with our available payment options.

Many people are aware that dental care in Australia and around the Gold Coast has become more expensive than ever before. With private health insurance rates going up, copays and high deductibles to worry about, many patients are finding themselves unable to afford even minor orthodontic treatment, let alone braces of any kind.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to visible braces and other forms of orthodontic treatments. Simply put, it’s clear braces. They are almost invisible, so the patient doesn’t have to worry about the same old questions directed at a person with regular braces or feel self-conscious when they crack a smile or talk.

What is the process for the Invisalign treatment?

First, you will need to book a consult with our principal dentist Dr Mark Taylor. Dr Taylor will give you an overview of the Invisalign treatment. He will then assess if Invisalign could potentially benefit you. During this visit, you will have the opportunity, to ask your questions. If you decide to proceed, your teeth will be scanned with an advanced scanner. The scanner will capture the image of your teeth and Dr Taylor and his Invisalign team will use the Invisalign 3-D modeling software to work out your treatment options. This ClinCheck software will then produce a 3D animation. Once ready, you will be invited see the 3-D imaging of your teeth. Our patients often say this is one of the most exciting stages of their treatment as they get to virtually see the entire progression of their teeth aligning to an optimal position in a 3-D movie version right before their eyes! In short, the ClinCheck digital results gets you smiling even before you start your Invisalign treatment.

So, how does Invisalign aligners work?

Based on the interface between the ClinCheck software and input from our Invisalign team, a series of smooth, clear plastic aligners are customized for your specific case. Each of these aligners work to gradually straighten your teeth into position to align with the rest of your teeth. Therefore, they are called aligners.

In most cases of teeth crowding, the dentist will need to perform what’s referred to as an IPR or Interproximal Reduction. This enables him to create the space necessary for your crowded, unaligned teeth to gradually move into position with the aid of the aligners.

You will need to replace your Invisalign aligner trays approximately every two weeks or according to our dentist’s advice. Eventually, your teeth will be straightened over a period of time. The time can range anywhere from 6 months to 18 months, depending on the complexity of your specific case. Some patients see results within a matter of weeks depending on the number of teeth that need to be aligned.

Who can get Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatment is ideal for adults and older teenagers who are looking for a way to fix their teeth without having to get metal braces. Invisalign is also an excellent option for people who need minor orthodontic work done, but want to avoid the hassle and social stigma of traditional metal braces. The minor orthodontic treatment often is limited to the patient’s premolar to premolar. Again, only the dentist can advise on who is an ideal candidate for the Invisalign treatment after the consult coupled with the ClinCheck results.

What are the benefits of Invisalign aligners?

Depending on your specific case, there potentially are numerous benefits to the Invisalign treatment. Firstly, relative to the traditional braces, Invisalign treatment usually is not painful. You may experience some pressure or even soreness. However, this resolves relatively quickly as the trays start feeling comfortable. Also, the Invisalign’s plastic “trays” are custom made for each patient based on their unique dental anatomy and bite. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment and patient satisfaction of the overall result. The treatment itself is paced such that once you get used to wearing your trays, it is so comfortable that you almost forget that you are undergoing an Invisalign treatment. Also, the trays themselves are so thin, they are virtually invisible, and this minimizes any embarrassment for the patient.

How much does Invisalign cost and what are the options?

Getting Invisalign treatment in Australia can cost anywhere from $3000 to $8000. The average treatment time is around one year, but please remember each case varies depending on the needs of each patient and their dentition.

Fortunately, our prices are reasonable, and we support our patients with flexible payment plan options if required. Also, we do not require our patients to pay for their full treatment upfront prior to treatment. Instead, payments are split into stages. However, a deposit is required as the full set of aligners need to be made well in advance and because they are customized, they can only be used for the patient they have been designed for.

With Afterpay, payments can be made later and flexible payment plans are also available with TLC. No private health insurance or dental cover is required! In terms of researching your own payment plans, we caution our patients to be wary of “interest free payment plans” as such costs can be hidden. We instead recommend payment plans with TLC, with whom you can speak with directly and privately to work out the best payment plan option for you. It makes getting Invisalign treatment stress-free and more affordable than ever before.

Our principal dentist Dr Mark Taylor will help you make an informed decision on your Invisalign treatment to help you achieve a more confident smile. Simply book your next consultation with our friendly team today.

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